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White Persian Kittens

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Welcome to the connoisseurs Persian cat for sale and Persian kitten for sale sites!

Enjoy a visual experience as you savor all the beauty our championship lineage Persian kittens and Persian cats have to offer.

The epitome of sophisticated, aristocratic elegance awaits you. Allow your emotions to envelope you as you embrace the fantasy of having your own exclusive, doll faced Persian kitten, once a luxury afforded to only the rich and famous.

Our Persian kittens are hand – raised to develop that endearing special personality that makes your Persian kitten as unique as you are.

Our professional cage –less cattery, with eight years experience breeding doll faced and traditional Persian kittens and Persian cats exceeds the quality standards as set forth by the State of Florida, so you can have peace of mind that when you purchase any kitten or cat from Persian Delights or Persian Elegance, you are getting a healthy Persian cat or Persian kitten of the highest quality backed by a written health guarantee.

Your doll faced or traditional Persian comes to you with a current Florida State Veterinarian certified health certificate, FELV negative, PKD negative, vaccinated, wormed and spayed or neutered (at breeders discretion). We ship our Persian cats/kittens domestically and internationally to “approved homes” and, upon request, can have your new addition hand delivered in person to anywhere in the continental USA. We are your premier; luxury traditional doll faced Persian cattery catering for those most discerning of individuals who demand nothing but the best! We deliver dreams … one kitten at a time!


For inquiries, please call 352-430-4505 or email us at kittens@mypersiankittens.com

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